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We’re looking for a distributor, reseller partnersjamhelper

an innovative software of fusion and sales channel and marketing skills that your company is held, business opportunities by leveraging the strengths of each other will expand dramatically. Our leverage the service is looking for a partner that aims to cultivate / suggestions the new service area together.

Reseller-resale programagent program

Please introduce Jamhelper to customers.
We offer a special price, you can have maintenance, a solution suggestion and sale.
we’ll offer the high discount rate.
also we don’t need participation fee, admission fee and work quota.

OEMOriginal equipment manufacturer program

Do not aim to expand as a new service in a combination of Jamhelper to your service?

We’ll offer it to you at the special price OEM.
You are possible to sell a service by free price-setting as a new brand.
Please inquire by all means.

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