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Function confirmation

You can confirm the function of jamhelper.
 ・Bad login
   It will blocking, If fail twice by login
 ・Continuous access
   It will shut off by mass access in a continuous to the same page
 ・Cart congestion
   It’ll display the “Please wait” at cart use to more than second person

Title part of the following gray has become a button, the screen of demonstration is displayed by button pressing

Please Check the comments of each field to check the operation

also outputting the Apache version to the bottom of the blocking screen.
you can checked that you’re managed centrally by more than one web server.

When the login fails twice, it will be cut off for a few minutes.
Please log in twice by a blank ID/ password.

other pages is accessible even when blocking
You can measures without touching the existing login function.

Details of goods are blocked off for 5 seconds at 2 access within 30 seconds.
(presses a button of the “details of goods” of each goods.)

To avoid high loads by limiting the number of accesses per period.
It’s effective at high load function.

Subsequent users will be “waiting”.
Different PC or such as IE and Firefox can be inspected by more than one browser.

It’s Waiting of make sure every 15 seconds.
Precedence user is at 3 minutes later or “purchase completion”, wait is released.

There is effect if you want to avoid the high-load state of the server by such as “Time Sale and e-mail magazine” of the EC website.
Also Waiting status can be confirmed from the “Control Panel”.

this’s sample website, so goods can’t be bought. A mail after purchase completion isn’t also sent.
and please don’t input the personal information.

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