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Product SummaryProduct

It’s in trouble to ‘List type Attacks’ and ‘DoS attacks’.

jamhelper is resolves the problem in the 4 functions

 1. Avoidance of incorrect login
   Jamhelper will shut off automatically in illegal logging in the same person.

 2. Influx control of heavy function
   If access to the heavy function is concentrated, it will issue a “ticket” in automatic.

 3. Avoidance of DoS attacks
    jamhelper will automatically shut off the mass access (F5 attack) by the same person.

 4. Immediate cut-off of the specified IP address
   IP blocking and release is possible in immediately without having to restart the web server.


Case of the congestion
Check every 15 seconds, and allows access if possible your order

User can wait in comfort by Since the connection is committed
Prevents service outages proactively by jamhelper.


The main feature list of jamhelperFeature

1. Defense Unauthorized login Cut off by the login of the continuous failure
it’s shut off, if not allowed to login after a certain number of times.
Ex: shut off for 10 minutes if you fail to log in three times in 30 seconds
Congestion prevention Will issue a ticket
Cases where access is not allowed to stop the service concentrated
Ex: to accept the 50,000 people, but you wait for more than 100 people
DoS Attacks Automatic cut-off of mass access
Will put a limit on the number of access within the specified period
Example: Shut off 1 minute once you access more than 20 times in 10 seconds
Shut off of immediately IP access blocking
Block specific IP without rebooting the web server
Example: you can shut off the IP immediately from the browser at a large amount access
2. Redundancy Distributed web server Centralized management of configuration
Enabling operational load reduction, Since sharing the set with a plurality of web server
Access management The redundancy management in access information
Even if abnormality occurs in the KVS to manage the access, and then continue the service by switching automatically
3. Log function Recording of the shutoff
output in a log file at unjust login, waiting, DoS attack.
4. Monitoring Grasp of access state
provides the function of only the log output (not blocking) for the purpose of setting
5. Exclusion feature URL exclusion Defense unnecessary function
Can be excluded from the subject at URL
IP exclusion Defense unnecessary IP
Can be excluded from the subject at IP
UserAgent exclusion Defense unnecessary U/A
Can be exclude such as mobile and crawlers in the specified User-Agent
Content exclusion Defense unnecessary contents
Can be excluded from the defense function in Content-Type (or extension) such as images and CSS
6. Customization Response code HTTP response code
Can be set HTTP response code during shut-off.
Wait-screen Customizing the design
Can be changed the “waiting screen” to suit to website design
Shut-off screen Customizing the design
Can be changed the “Shut-off screen” to suit to website design
7. Management IP Address the persistent blocking and Release of the IP Address
Provides the function of shut-off and release by the IP whitelist and blacklist
Wait release Release of the waiting user
Can be cancel the user in the waiting at the specified ticket number
8. Proxy server support mod_proxy support
It’s corresponds to “X-Forwarded-For”
9. Developer Log output Log output at details
Can Log output at the results in detail
Port control environment control by port
Will support the environment that is controlled by the port.
10. SSL Application of http/https
It’s also applicable in service to transition to https from http


Recommended BusinessRecommended website

We want to achieve the proper foundation and operation costs to website

・ feel the risk to information leak by unauthorized access
・ can’t be infrastructure investment to temporary congestion
・ we want to lower the cost of the monitoring system by 24h/365day

Normal access is small, but Recommend to the service there is a temporary access increasing concern.

・Electronic Commerce
 ・Access concentration occurs by the time sale, the service is delayed
 ・Access concentration occurs by the e-mail magazine, the service is stoped

・Public website
 ・In preparation for a disaster, it has an excess infrastructure facilities for peak characteristics
 ・However, disaster / emergency information want to always be delivered even waiting

・School or test related websites
 ・Access concentration occurs by the examination result announcement, the service is stoped

・Internal business systems
 ・it’s influenced to the business by concentrated access at the deadline day

・Advance order website
 ・Online ticket website
 ・Marathon reception website
 ・Fair held reception website



We’ve prepared a demo website

please check the blocking state by mass access.
will be blocking at the time of cart insertion or Unauthorized login.
also you can verify the priority indication and IP blocking and releasing of the waiting user by the management screen

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