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Specifications and selling pricejamhelper

Specifications Overview

Operating system Linux
 ・Windows Server 2008/2008R2
 ・Windows Server 2012
※ other OS / version, please contact us
Supported Web server Apache2.0~2.4 (Prefork)
Processing capacity Web server alone: ​​Requests per second 500 or more
※ Not including your application processing time
Distribution Download (It offers is provided a media at separately a pay)
※ Separately will cause cost for introduction setting


License and sales price

License FQDN(domain)
※ subdomain · HTTP / including HTTPS
Prices SoftWare Undecided
※ I can’t sale because company employee yet.
Please consult from here
Maintenance We’re planning 10% of the sale price (tax included)


Comparison with other companies similar solutionsSimilarity comparison

Jamhelper Company A Company B
Operation form Apache module Reverse Proxy Apache module
Function DoS Protection website or URL control none none
List attack defense URL base none none
Busy control Ticket
Waiting Display
Call forwarding
Latency guide
Waiting Display
Call forwarding
Latency guide
Waiting Display
Call forwarding
Latency guide
Redundant web server Multiple server support Server before placement alone
Access management Cookie
Cookie & KVS
Shared memory
Shared memory
Redundancy of access management Possible by Redis Sentinel use none none
Data integrity at the time of web server reboot Permanently management managed by separate from web server erased
Log output Own log (Wait, Bussy) custom allowed Syslog ApacheCustomLog
priority control Allowed by Operation the browser unknown console of each server
Supported OS Linux
HW provides Linux
Price Undecided About 4,000,000 JPY About 2,000,000 JPY


Notes of introduction

You must have authority to operate the Apache
It requires restart of httpd.conf editing and Apache to the installation of jamhelper.
In some ASP services, because there are cases that can not be placed or restart the Apache module.
Please check for the existence of an environment and privileges that each ASP-like has to offer.

Use the Cookie to the manage
Issue the Cookie for each domain in order to manage the order.
Please check the maximum number of Cookie use in your website.

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