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Kurosawa Tsuyoshi the planning and development

Kurosawa Tsuyoshi

1969 Born / Towada, Aomori Prefecture Born

The entrance to NECC (Nippon Engineering College of Hachioji) from Misawa Commercial High School information processing department.
And gain experience in the IT companies from the time one year, starting with the host development of financial and insurance business systems, Client/Server System by UNIX, mobile website development of i-mode / WAP / J-Phone / edge, development of WEB / API site It is engaged in. Currently involved in the manager of the service management of a major site, engaged in the development of this system muffled most of the weekends and holidays in family restaurant @ gust.

The main development and management experience project
ZENRIN e-map(every NAVI)(1998)ZENRIN
Mobile site construction (requirements definition – Development of system test)
Role: Programmer

jside・dot・com (1999)j-side.com
Mobile site construction (requirements definition – Development of release)
Role: System design, programmer

esBOOKs (7netshopping)(2000)esBooks
EC site construction (requirements definition – system testing)
Role: system design, programmer, unit/integration/system testing

Recruit rikunavi shingaku(University information introduction site)(2001-2010)rikunabi
PC / mobile annual renewal (Business study – release and maintenance)
Role: Project Leader

Gourmet Navigator food market (EC site)(2011-2012)食市場
Site renewal (requirements definition – Launch/release and service-management)
Role: Project Management Service Management reader

Recruit Carsensor(2013)カーセンサー
Offshore development start-up
Dealer-friendly system (C-MATCH)
Construction and Mitsubishi dealer for system
Role: Project Management

Recruit Zexy(2014〜currently)zexy
Role: Service Management Project Issue Management smartphone device in charge

The main experience industries
D-glatt ROBO-POP(1995-1997)ROBO-POP
MS-DOS / Win3.1 is responsible for the marketing manager of the era of CAD / CAM + own font use POP create applications.
EC-SHOW to expand the demonstration and negotiation (now e-commerce EXPO) and NEC / SHARP / TEC / NCR such as show.
Later, in charge of the planning, manufacturing, sales and management of Japan NCR product data collaboration POP system of the “Real-POS”, “Real-POP”.

The main sales performance
 ・ Ginza Takashimaya (Tokyo Nihonbashi)
 ・ Yaohan (Shizuoka)
 ・ Taiyo (Kagoshima)
 ・ Yamayo (Aomori)
 ・ Summit (Tokyo e-fuku)
 ・ Shinjyuku Marusho (Roppongi, Yotsuya)
 ・ OK Store (Omori Tokyo)
 ・ Pororoca (Kanto)
 ・ Robinson Department Store (Sapporo)
 ・ Berc (Saitama)
 ・ Universe (Aomori), etc.