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It was released doshelperjamhelper

category : 新着情報 2015.12.5

‘doshelper’ is removing ‘a unauthorized login error’ and ‘a pre-order inflow function’ from a function of ‘jamhelper’.

but, it will have a sufficient function as follows.

・Shut off in real time if exceeds the number of access that can be granted within certain period of time
・Can be settings by entire site or URL
・Equip with a log output function of the access blocking
・Setting isn’t required in the web server increase or decrease
・Can be changed for site own cut-off screen
・Can be release block user from the browser in real time

in a shared memory method on distributed web server environment , it was required to reconsider the settings by the web server increase or decrease.

because ‘jamhelper’ be managed access information by KVS, do not need reconsider of setting.

After the confirmation by the ‘doshelper’, please consider ‘jamhelper’.
Operations manager facing the site operational problem, please consider ‘jamhelper’.


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